Springbok Commission

Be confident that you are driving your site traffic to the most dedicated program in the market – we are here to help you grow, which helps us grow and build. Both Springbok Casino and Thunderbolt Casino are offering excellent knowledge of the players need and aims to deliver speed of play, special bonus features and fairness, so get ready to cash in. The following chart gives you an overview of your potential earnings:



*Adjusted Net Win = Gross Net Win - Net Non-Cash Credits - Coupons - MultiCash Adjustments - Chargebacks


No Negative Carry Over Policy

Our commission offer for you is based on a sensible and fair deal which honours performance and allows us to concentrate on keeping your players happy. Following are our main traits:


Referral Program

In addition to commissions earned from player referrals, Springbok Affiliates have the opportunity to earn from affiliate referrals too. Promote the Springbok Affiliate program on your website, to your friends and other webmasters and you earn 2% of all your referred affiliates' earnings.