Data Access via API

Using a token for API Access

Affiliate data is accessible using token based authentication.

  1. Generate access token

    Access tokens can be generated by issuing a POST request to

    x-www-form-urlencoded data:    
    	username=[your username]
    	password=[your password]

    example response:

        "access_token": "55XTdLtA21-Avu5AkIMjuZ6_vIH_tonXYpkeJqBBz6LzM9RPeSrUcpfDI51h-SRi…",
        "token_type": "bearer",
        "expires_in": 43199
  2. Append token to API request

    Set the 'Authorization' header of your request to 'Bearer [your access_code]. This will authenticate your request.

    Authorization: Bearer 55XTdLtA21-Avu5AkIMjuZ6_vIH_tonXYpkeJqBBz6LzM9RPeSrUcpfDI51h-SRi…